Beautiful Makeup Artist Tips For Colorful, Glittering And Dark Eyeshadow

We have put together the work of Jessica Rose, a makeup artist who gets great eyeshadow results using colorful, shimmering, dark, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and other colors. If you are curious about the work of the beautiful makeup artist you can follow him on instagram. Contact Jessica Rose: Jessica-Rose Silicz. Let’s look at the makeup artist’s most admired eyeshadow and standard makeup works.

Soft arch eyebrow shape, shimmering pink lipstick, pink and glitter green color created by using eyeshadow created with great makeup idea.

The eyeshadow model created using white, dark orange and glitter neon blue lines is very successful. Intense and long false eyelashes are perfectly matched to the blue eyeliner under the eyes. Eye makeup was created by creating drama shape with black eyeliner. Matte dark red lipstick would like to say that we also like. Here we can see how contour and highlighter processes also work without exaggerating.

The idea of eye makeup created with lilac and neon blue eyeshadow, long false eyelashes and black eyeliner shaped like a winehouse. Pink shimmering lips have lighter shades this time. You can also use the lipstick color in the first picture.

A different view of the magenta and glitter neon blue eye shadow that Jessica applies to her brown eyes. False eyelashes in the shape of a winehouse look less frequent in this picture. The appearance of contour and highlighting is much more pronounced here.

The bright orange eyeshadow and full bodied lips with a wet look look great on Jessica. The fact that the pink blush is close to the lipstick color is a good detail.

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