Beautiful Makeup Artist Tips For Colorful, Glittering And Dark Eyeshadow


On this page you will find Jessica’s glittering eye shadow makeup ideas. Neon white, magenta, purple and orange colors created with these makeup ideas will hopefully inspire you. If you are curious about the name and contact details of our makeup artist, please check the first page of the topic. You can find all the contact details of the beautiful makeup artist Jessica on the first page.

Eyeshadow created with magenta and glittering white color. Finalized makeup with classic eyeliner and matte magenta color lipstick.

The idea of makeup with orange and glittering bluish colors eyeshadow, winehouse eyeliner, false eyelashes and matte red lipstick. 

The idea of makeup created with false eyelashes, winehouse eyeliner shape, matte purple lips and shimmering eyeshadow.

The idea of makeup made with glittering orange eyeshadow, winehouse eyeliner shape, matte neutral color lips and long frequent false eyelashes to wear.

Eyeshadow created with shimmering white and orange colors, winehouse eyeliner shape, long false eyelashes and matte neutral color lipstick. If you’re not interested in the glittering eye shadow ideas on this page, we suggest you check out the other pages. 


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