Beautiful Makeup Artist Tips For Colorful, Glittering And Dark Eyeshadow


You can see 5 of Jessica’s colorful eyeshadow makeup methods on this page. This rainbow makeup idea can inspire you. Let’s look at the colorful eyeshadows created with different shapes of eyeliners.


A colorful eyeshadow created with a simple eyeliner and false eyelashes. The long square colored nails look very nice.  The colored eye shadow, created in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and blue, is very cleverly designed in order.

Thin eyeshadow applied on eyeliner. Red, orange, yellow, green and blue colors created with this fine rainbow shaped eye shadow we found very successful.

Jessica wanted to show us how to use the rainbow eyeshadow with a normal makeup. You can easily use this colorful makeup in your daily life.

The idea of makeup created with long sparse false eyelashes and rainbow eyeshadow. The way the colors are sorted again is very clever. Small glittering decorations make the makeup look pretty.

The rainbow eyeshadow was finished with matte neutral lipstick on the other makeup. This time Jessica wanted to show us how she looked with shimmering lipstick. Light glittering decorations in the eyeshadow, lipstick also allowed to be used as bright.


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