Beautiful Makeup Artist Tips For Colorful, Glittering And Dark Eyeshadow


On this page, you will see Jessica’s 5 makeup works for Halloween. These fantastic makeup of your beautiful makeup artist are really worth a visit. Once you’ve managed to be like a cute cat, the next photo can be spooky and attractive. So close to Halloween, we recommend you to save these makeup ideas.


An interesting fantastic makeup created in black and red colors. The crying expression and the red spots on the side look beautiful. With the eyeliner around the eyes is very successful. Let’s not forget the importance of false eyelashes. It doesn’t look creepy but on Halloween this makeup idea might make you look cute and charming.

On Halloween we are sure that many people will be cat girls. But Jessica’s makeup looks simple and remarkable. This make-up idea created with black and white colors is possible without spending much time. Don’t forget to take care that your lashes are so long and flashy.

One of Jessica’s most fantastic makeup. We’re sure he spent a lot of time doing this makeup. We would also like to say that hair color is very compatible with makeup. Remember the role of blue lenses, prominent eyeliner and false eyelashes in makeup.

A fantastic makeup suggestion that is as eerie as it is attractive. If you can do this makeup on Halloween, we’re sure all eyes will be on you. The ornamented stones on the forehead made him the queen of darkness. What can we say? In one word, “Jessica’s Wonderfull”.

Although not as impressive as the previous makeup, we also enjoyed this fantastic makeup. If you trust yourself or have a little talent you can do this makeup at home on Halloween. We don’t know if you’re as talented as Jessica, but we’re pretty sure this makeup won’t force you too much. If you are unskilled, you can ask a skilled acquaintance to make this makeup for you.


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