Modern And Rustic Remodel Ideas For The Small Bathroom Of Your Farmhouse

Does your farmhouse have a small bathroom? Are you having a problem with how to renovate that small space in the most efficient and stylish way? Then you should take a look at our picture gallery with modern and rustic design ideas. These small bathroom ideas, often renewed with a rustic design, will give your farmhouse a very distinctive look. Generally, we think these low and medium budget design ideas will help you.

Small bathroom idea made of remodel with wooden shelves and white sink. This design idea can be used not only for farmhouses, but for all spaces with a small bathroom.

Small bathroom designed with white closet, wooden shelf and gray marble sink. Inspired by the idea of rustic design, this bathroom can also be an ideal idea for apartment residents.

Built bathroom design with wooden chair and sink. If you make the color of the wooden shelf the same as the color of the dresser under the sink, not the white, you can get different results.

Design of a small bathroom with black and stylish faucet, wooden shelf, white sink and simple curtain. The lighting system on the mirror is very successful.

An extremely stylish bathroom design furnished with white ceramics. Shelves and sink selection is fine. The toilet paper in the iron basket next to the toilet seat is a different and beautiful idea. The lighting system on the mirror is also very pleasant. This bathroom reflects the rustic design air and is ideal for your farm house if your space is available.

Small white bathroom created with rustic design. Sink, shelf and mirror with wooden frame take you back to the old times.

Small bathroom design idea with wood upholstery. If you are considering a modern bathroom design for the farmhouse, you can consider this renovation model. Apartment residents can also easily consider this stylish bathroom design.

The size of this bathroom may be a bit big, but we wanted to see the shelf model under the sink here. It was also very successful to have toilet paper in the basket next to the toilet.

Bathroom design with black faucet, white washbasin, large mirror with wooden frame and a simple lacy white curtain. You can achieve very different results by changing the color of the dresser under the white marble or by making wood.

If you are not interested in rustic designs that are very old-fashioned, you may be interested in this modern bathroom design. A great bathroom design idea with white washbasin mounted on a wooden dresser, golden faucet, mirror framed with ship rope and a golden lighting system. The wooden installation of the walls and the choice of dark paint are extremely successful. An example of a modern remodel that can easily be used by residents.

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