Beautiful Makeup Artist Tips For Colorful, Glittering And Dark Eyeshadow


If you like the glittering makeup ideas on the other page, we recommend you to look at these 5 pictures. These makeups created with glossy lipstick and eye shadow will keep all eyes on you. You can also see different working methods on the other pages of the beautiful makeup artist.

The idea of a purplish glittering makeup. We can see clearly where the contour and highlighter operations are applied.

Another successful glittering makeup idea. We found the makeup obtained by using dark eye shadow and lipstick very successful.

The eye shadow created with orange, pink and turquoise colors looks great. With the selection of lipstick color as a bright neutral, the shimmering makeup work has been completed.

It’s a bit of a fantastic shimmer makeup idea, but when you remove the decorations, you can have a great result. Dark eyeshadow, including yellowish colors, looks quite beautiful.

If you like neon colors, you might be interested in this makeup idea. The color of the eye shadow and lipstick match with each other looks very nice. The shape of the eyeliner is different than the other make-up. You can get different results by using arabic or winehouse shape again.


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