41 Colorful Different Crochet Jewelry Models. You will be very careful!


Crochet jewelry makes a statement. It’s an easy way to decorate any outfit and modify it from head to toe. Of course, beautiful crochet jewelry can be made from yarn or yarn, but you really expand your possibilities when you learn to crochet with thread and beads. These techniques, which are not as difficult as you can imagine, will help you create high quality jewelry, perfect for yourself, to offer as a gift or even to sell as craftsmen.

This sophisticated bracelet is crocheted in permanent color copper wire (26 gauge). It is accented with two different types of pearls: pink cat eye chips and glass beads. The simple chain stitch is the only crochet stitch you need to know to create this pattern. It is therefore an ideal project to work with thread and beads.

This bracelet is made of iron wire, red coral beads and glass beads. It evokes fire and adds passion to any outfit!


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