Modern And Rustic Remodel Ideas For The Small Bathroom Of Your Farmhouse


We end the subject with 10 different bathroom decor reminiscent of the old times. If you are interested in rustic designs and want to renovate your apartment in this way, maybe these 10 designs can inspire you.  After reminding you that the beautiful bathroom design ideas are waiting for you in the previous three pages, let us start introducing the renovated bathrooms to you.

Bathroom decor decorated with wooden shelf, white and gray mix marble countertop, stylish and elegant faucet, white dresser and wardrobe, square washbasin and wooden framed mirror.

We liked the idea of a wall created using whiteboards. If the silver faucets had an antique look the design could have had a much different look. The mirror frame and the small baskets on the white marble countertop seem to be perfectly matched. Please note that the dresser, towel holder and lighting system are details that enhance the decor.

Bathroom decor created with old wooden dresser, golden color lighting system and faucet, small square sink and mirror. If there is no suitable space to make a shelf on the wall of your bathroom, you can solve your problem by making a wire shelf next to the dresser.

Elegant wallpaper with floral pattern, lampshade lighting system, wooden chest of drawers and wall mounted faucets decorated bathroom idea.  Choosing the mirror frame compatible with the wallpaper helped make it look beautiful.

Bathroom decor with black faucet, round mirror, triple lighting system, white marble and gray dresser. Residents can easily use this design idea, which is reminiscent of old times.

If your bathroom has such a suitable space for a bathtub, you might want to consider this decor idea. The black candlesticks at the beginning and end of the bathtub give a romantic look.

Cute little farmhouse bathroom decor. The door and the accessories on it are reminiscent of the old times.

Bathroom decor with black faucet, wooden framed mirror, triangular towel holder, white marble washbasin countertop and greenish dresser. Fine details on the dresser look handy and very stylish.

We liked the idea of this charming rustic decor. The choice of faucets and mirrors gave the bathroom a very elegant look. The small wooden dresser also plays a big role in the beauty of the decor.

The idea of a bathroom decor created with a wooden washbasin countertop, dual lighting system and a faucet embedded in the wall. The shape of the mirror and small wicker baskets are effective in bathroom design.


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