Modern And Rustic Remodel Ideas For The Small Bathroom Of Your Farmhouse


We’re going to continue where we left off with the idea of bathroom renovations that will benefit the apartment and other residents. In our 10 image gallery with rustic decor, we hope you will find designs that you will enjoy.

Bathroom decor with rectangular brown floor tiles, simple curtain, shelves made of wood and iron, beige washbasin, navy blue dresser and mirror with wooden frame. Many residents, including apartments, can renew their bathroom with this design.

Small bathroom decor with black lighting system and faucet, white washbasin counter and dresser, wooden wall and simple white curtain.

Bathroom decor with wooden floor, rustic black faucet and lighting system, wooden white shelf, handy washbasin counter and shower cabin.

A bathroom decor that can easily be used by apartment residents. Bathroom decor created with a mix of gray and white marble basin countertop, golden faucet, classic closet and an extremely elegant wooden dresser.

Cute rustic bathroom decor. Bathroom decor created with lighting system, black faucet, small pink dresser, white sink and wooden chair.

Bathroom decor with wooden dresser, white marble basin counter, silver faucet and mirrors. The lighting system is also very compatible with the design.

Rustic bathroom decor created with old chandeliers (lighting system), wooden framed mirrors, beige marble basin counter, golden faucet, green dresser and white shelves.

This design picture can inspire you if you have the idea of a white bathroom décor reminiscent of the old times. Bathroom decor with silver faucet, white marble counter and dresser, brown floor and classic tiled wall. We would like to point out that the dresser is an extremely elegant design.

Rustic bathroom decor with beige dresser, wooden shelves and mirror frame, black faucet, marble basin counter and curtains. It looks like a simple and convenient design.

Bathroom decor created with modern silver faucet, round white washbasin, marble countertop, mirrored wooden cabin and old dresser.


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