Modern And Rustic Remodel Ideas For The Small Bathroom Of Your Farmhouse

Modern and rustic designs have been renewed, small bathroom designs continue where we left off. If you’re thinking of renovating your farmhouse bathroom, we think it’s helpful to take a look at these design ideas.

Small bathroom design with white wood shelf, black framed shower cabin and gold-plated faucet. The white ceramic tiles give the bathroom a fresh air.

Convenient bathroom design idea created in white and gray colors. The wooden dresser, iron shelves and floral decorations under the white marble worktop offer rustic design touches.

Small bathroom idea created with wooden shelf, white toilet bowl and classic washbasin.

Very cute rustic design. The shape of the wooden dresser and the accessory replacing the mirror are very successful. If you have a small bathroom, you may want to consider a cute bathroom renovation.

Wooden mirror and dresser, rustic lighting system, brown washbasin counter and white ceramic tile design. Pretty nice and handy decor idea.

Bathroom design created using wooden dresser, marble countertop in gray and white color mix, golden mirror frame, rustic lighting system and wire shelves. The decor of the apartment is fine on the spot.

Bathroom design with wooden and wire shelves, rustic lighting system, navy blue dresser under white sink. The idea of a decor ideal for the apartments.

Bathroom decor created with simple white curtain, wooden shelves and blue washbasin dresser. The color of the mirror frame is also compatible with the dresser.

Rustic bathroom decor with wooden washbasin dresser, golden lighting system and mirror. The color and design of the floor are also very well thought out. Sink and faucet preferences can be said to be successful.

The bathroom decor blends black and white in a wonderful way. The selection and layout of the rustic accessories is also quite nice. Those with a small bathroom can make a rustic design by choosing their accessories.

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