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39 Simple Polished Gel Nail Designs For Summer

If you are interested in shiny gel nails, the pictures on this subject are for you. We have gathered the most admired models for you in this picture gallery which includes simple and polished gel nails as well as acrylic designs. In our nail gallery, which is usually made of short gel designs, you will occasionally see long nail shapes. In the position where the short oval nail shapes are more involved I hope you find the designs that have won your appreciation. If you are only interested in long gel nail designs, you may find that you are looking for pages 5, 15, 16, 22 and 31. If you are interested in short stiletto shaped gel nails, we recommend you to visit our entire image gallery. To avoid taking your time more, we tried not to keep the number of pictures in the gallery too long. In our image gallery of 39 different gel nail design, I hope you will find a few models according to your taste. For the ladies who value their nails we will soon be with a different design subject. Please support us by sharing your favorite gel nail design on social media, especially on your pinterest page.



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