This Month’s Most Notable Acrylic and Gel Nail Designs


Welcome to our art gallery of acrylic and gel nail designs. Regardless of summer, winter and spring, these designs are suitable for all seasons. This month, we decided to find and present the best acrylic and gel nail designs on social networks. I hope you show your interest in previous nail design ideas. In our gallery we tried to include all nail shapes including stiletto, square, coffin, almond and round. It is also possible to see not only long but short nails in our gallery. You can also see nails in popular color shades such as shimmering, polished and matte in our picture gallery. You can support us by sharing your favorite quotes on picture oriented social media like pinterest. Thank you for your time. Hope to discuss another matter.

A great design idea for those who like glitter gel nail designs. We can easily say that we like this nail model which is both simple and showy.

This summer fashion color, this turquoise coffin shaped nail model is also liked by many ladies. If you will spend a lot of time at the beach this summer, you can try this nail design.

Nude nail model that is used by many ladies this year. Bare nails in the shape of almonds are even more striking in beautiful hands. I hope you like this gel nail model where light acrylic art is applied.

The owner of these glamorous and shiny long nails belongs to the famous instagram phenomenon Nikkie. It’s a pretty popular phenomenon with 12 million followers. For those who want to reach Instagram address; Nikkietutorials

A wonderful nail design with French decoration of the almond nail model.

This white acrylic nail design was one of the most interesting photographs. We are sure that it will be a great combination with white dress.

Long red color gel nail pattern with coffin shape. Watermelon, ladybug and strawberry shapes give the nail a cute look.

Leopard pattern and glitter nail design. In the form of coffin that you can easily use this nail model on special occasions.

Square nude nail pattern. French application with a simple and elegant appearance.

A very cute nail model for teens and ladies with that spirit.


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