Short Acrylic Nail Designs You Can Use in Summer and Winter


We continue our short acrylic nail designs from where we left off. On this page you will find nail ideas with pink, blue, turquoise and other colors. We didn’t forget to add a few designs for women who like glittering gold and silver ornaments. I hope these nail designs with almond, round and square shapes win your appreciation.

Pink color short acrylic nail design idea. Silver glitter decoration has been quite successful. Nail shape: Round

Short acrylic nail design idea with blue and black colors. The shimmering gold decorations were added to each nail differently and were very successful. Nail shape: Coffin

Square acrylic short nail design idea. Glitter decoration is very successful.

Nude acrylic nail design idea with rose. Nail shape: Square

Almond-shaped pink color acrylic nail design. The silver glitter decor is very good for the design.

Blue nail design with glittering large stone decorations.

Turquoise color round shaped nail design idea.

Colorful square shaped acrylic nail design idea.

Acrylic nail design using gold glitter decoration.

Simple and stylish nail design idea close to a pink hue.


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