41 Simple and Stylish Crochet Hat Models. You’ll Like it


We need to keep your head warm during the winter months. The ladies are very sensitive. So how do we find hat models that match our outfit? Crochet hat patterns can be worn under any clothes easily. Crochet hats made of black, blue, brown, white and all other colors can be made. You can use hairy balls, hearts, earrings and buttons as accessories.

The style of this free crochet hat for beginners is perfect for both men and women. Do you want a little more Slouch? Add strings at the beginning. Would you like to create it for your favorite kiddo in pint format? I added preschool and kids sizes here. Since this hat is so fast and easy, I think it would be a perfect crochet pattern for a good cause. And if you want to replace the wire to use something in your stock, you can use a patch panel to determine how to create a rectangle with the same dimensions as the pattern. I guess two strands of compressed combed yarn could help you achieve a level similar to this Lion Brand Wool Ease Tonal yarn.


  1. Some of these 41 crocheted hat models are really great. I particularly liked #20, #30 and #39. How can I get the patterns for at least these 3 hats?

  2. I would LOVE the crochet the #20 hat in your lineup of 41 hats. How can I get the pattern? I have looked everywhere for a link but can’t find one. I am willing to pay for the pattern. Please get back to me about this. My email is below. Thank you

    Alice C.


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